Super Cat Ferry Schedules to Bohol

Super Cat Ferry Schedules to Bohol

We will be taking the Super Cat Ferry (also known by its new name as 2GO) to Bohol and so I am sharing the schedules with you.

Super Cat (Cebu to Bohol)
Daily Cebu (Pier 4) 08:30 Tagbilaran 10:15
Daily Cebu (Pier 4) 12:30 Tagbilaran 14:15
Daily Cebu (Pier 4) 16:30 Tagbilaran 18:15

Super Cat (Bohol to Cebu)
Daily Tagbilaran 10:30 Cebu 12:15
Daily Tagbilaran 14:30 Cebu 16:15
Daily Tagbilaran 18:30 Cebu 20:15

Travel tip: Super Cat Ferry tickets may also be purchased from the Super Cat branches at SM City Cebu. This will ensure that you will travel on the schedule that you desire. Buying tickets at the pier just before your desired travel time might be too late. Seats are limited because the boat is quite small.

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