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Holy Week Staycation 2013

The Ruins in Talisay City. Photo by my brother, Iman Dugeno of imandugeno.com

For Holy Week this year, we stayed home even though the rest of the family went to Boracay. Not only am I pregnant, we have to attend a wedding on Black Saturday where my husband, daughter and I are part of the entourage.

But I did not want that to keep on staying home. My feet were getting itchy so I made sure that we had something to do every day. Hehehe If not for me, it was for my daughter, as I did not want her spending the holidays at home where she always is.

Yummy Japanese dinner at Tokyo Bubble Tea.

Holy Wednesday. My brother and his girlfriend arrived from Manila and so we took them to The Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. While there, my husband and daughter played mini golf to the little one’s delight. After our afternoon there, we proceeded to Tokyo Bubble Tea at Robinsons City Walk for our lovely Japanese dinner.

A visit to a serene Balinese-inspired residence surrounded by fish ponds.

Maundy Thursday. It was rehearsal time for the Saturday wedding we were involved so we went to the venue—a residence in Silay City surrounded by fish ponds. But it was not ordinary place. The entire area was inspired by Balinese architecture, so the rehearsal was like a field trip for our family and friends. The couple provided snacks and it was a wonderful time.

The entrance to Campuestohan Highland Resort, also in Talisay City.

Good Friday. My brother had a photography stint with my friend’s family (which I arranged) and we agreed to do it at the new resort in Talisay City called Campuestohan Highlands. We went swimming, sightseeing, and of course, we took a lot of pictures! The place was rather cool because this was already a high place, but because this is summer, we still had scorching heat from lunchtime till early afternoon. But it was a lovely, fulfilling day with family and friends.

At the wedding on a Black Saturday. We were all part of the entourage.

Black Saturday. It was the big day at the punong (fish pond) in Silay City. It was a great event where family and good friends were gathered. The venue was just very scenic. And with everyone dressed their best, it was just a lovely sight to behold. We shared good food and enjoyed the natural beauty around us. It was still like having a vacation. And most of all, we got to share in the happiness of the couple who are our good friends. :D

This was taken before we learned that Seair or Tiger Airways ruined my brother’s plans. :(

Easter Sunday. We spent the morning and early afternoon fixing my brother’s flight with Seair (Read the story: Tiger Airways–Who is Going to Pay?) at my parents’ house in the suburbs and in the afternoon, we attended a birthday party at Sta. Fe Resort. I would have wanted for Dindin to go swimming but after several days of the pools jam-packed with people, the water look like it was pumped from a rusty deep well. LOL Fearing that Dindin might just develop rashes from the dirty, we let go of the swimming and instead just let her play at their mini park.

It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you are with your family. You can travel far or just take advantage of nearby places for a staycation and still have the time of your lives.

The playground at Sta. Fe Resort is already rusty and outdated, but with an entrance fee of P10, who can complain? Dindin had fun, so that’s the bottom line.

Note: By the way, up until now, there is no word from Tiger Airways or Seair regarding our problem with them. Their service really sucks. All they want is money. They don’t care about their passengers at all. But thanks to their attitude, they will not have frequent flyers in us. No way, Jose!

Tiger Airways — Who is Going to Pay?

My brother and his girlfriend who are both working in Manila visited us for the Holy Days last week. With so many activities everyday for their Holy Week Vacation, it was not long before we realized that it was already Easter Sunday and they were to fly back to Manila on board a Tiger Airways flight scheduled at 4:35 pm. They were on the same flight as my husband’s cousin who just came back from Boracay.

Tiger Airways return flight.

We were all set to leave the house for the airport around 1pm when we learned through our cousin that their flight was cancelled and moved to an earlier flight that morning! Panic sank in because they were supposed to be back in the office the following day, which is a Monday.

My brother unpacked his laptop to check his ticket and look for the contact number of Tiger Airways. It was not in the ticket and he took quite long to find it. We called up the number through my cell phone and it took sooooo long, too, because of all the security questions and all the explanations that my brother had to give. After everything, he was told to call another number because it was not their department to handle such complaint. G-R-R-R! The bad thing is, the number that they gave could not be accessed.

So my parents went to a neighbor’s house whose son is an officer at Tiger Airways. His parents called him at the office and we immediately got a return call. We were told that they can schedule my brother for free at an April 4 flight, which is just not acceptable. The only option that they gave was to refund the return ticket. My brother agreed and we sought to look for available flights with other airlines.

Since the internet was so slow at my parents’ house, we drove all the way to our house and checked the internet. We found an evening flight but all in all, including taxes and luggage, it cost my brother and his girlfriend a total of P14,800! But since they were offered no choice and had to get to the office the next day, we purchased the ticket.

Just after booking, we got a call from the Tiger Airways officer that they were already given the go-signal to book tickets with another airline. He said that the ticket would be discounted but would not differ much from the online rates. He also said that he is not sure when my brother could fly back, which was still unacceptable on their end. So we declined the offer.

Our cousin on the other hand, stuck it out, along with dozens of other passengers of that flight, at the airport. We learned the following day that Tiger Airways booked our cousin on a Cebu Pacific flight on a Monday morning for free.

Learning this, we were furious and called up the local officer. But we were told that they could not do anything anymore about my brother’s ticket because he personally purchased it and was not coursed through Tiger Airways. But this would not have happened if Tiger Airways just managed the situation properly and acted out on the complaints immediately. After all, it was their fault. They changed the schedule while the passengers are already on their vacation and many of them had no access to the internet. They did not call or send text messages. A delay would not have been so bad, but to schedule the flight in the morning instead of the afternoon is such a big, disastrous move.

Actually, if the price difference is only P1,000 per person, it would not be so bad. After all, my brother and his girlfriend are already back in Manila and have gone back to work on time. But P14,800??? That is a whole lot of money.

Now, tell me, Tiger Airways, who is going to pay for the damages that this situation has caused? And don’t give me crap that you cannot do anything about it because you actually can. You can always make a REIMBURSEMENT if you want it, just to clear your name and make your image well with your clients and future clients. Or at least, you can make amends. A whole lot of money is involved and a simple “sorry” will not suffice. Somebody has got to pay for this poor management decision.

This is the first time that my brother flew via Tiger Airways. He asked me about the service and all before he booked the flight. I told him that I don’t have a clue because I have never tried them either. And now this happened. How can you have a recurring client as well as a new client in us if you have such a lousy way of handling things, Tiger Airways? Did you want us to add to the throng of people who stormed the airport and demanded for a free flight ASAP? Were we treated differently just because we just called?

Somebody, please look into this.

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Reunited for the Holy Week

Note: Post first published in my other blog, Trips and Travels.

The Ruins

Our family at The Ruins. Photo by Iman of imandugeno.com

My brother Iman hasn’t been home last December because of his work. But thankfully, he was able to schedule a vacation in time for the Holy Days. He came here with his girlfriend, Rosel.

We went to The Ruins and the Campuestohan Highlands, both in Talisay City, on different days. They lived at my parents’ house so they also had activities that did not involve my family.

The photo above was taken at The Ruins–or what was left of a mansion after it was burned down during the Japanese occupation. Now, it continues to stand tall and proud–a reminder of the opulent past of Negros Occidental. And it has become a very popular tourist destination, a stop-over by many local and foreign tourists alike.

It was a refreshing day, not thinking of anything but enjoying the sights and being with family. :D Oh how I wish we can travel as a family in the future. :D I wonder where we will be for Holy Week next year? Hmmm…