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The World on a Plate

While the purpose of our Manila trip was really business, we are just so happy to have some time to indulge ourselves to see things and taste different kinds of food. From Asia and around the world, here I present our tour of the world on a plate. haha

On our first evening, we had dinner with my brother Iman, cousin Sam, and a good friend Pepay at the Super Bowl Chinese restaurant at the SM Megamall. We were so hungry already that we were happy their dimsum orders were packaged at buy 1 take 1. Wow! We had several kinds of dimsum as well as yangchow fried rice and birthday pancit.

Chinese dimsum dinner

Chinese dimsum dinner at Super Bowl, SM Megamall.

One lunchtime, we decided to try the Pakistani offerings at the Halal-certified Kabab Roll at the MOA. Nice and spicy! :D

Pakistani lunch

Pakistani lunch at Kabab Roll (MOA).

After our spicy lunch, we had a serving of the Masatami shaved ice. I wonder why the staff were greeting us in a foreign language. As it turned out, the shaved ice is a Hawaiian treat. :D

Masatami shaved ice

Masatami shaved ice (MOA)

Our ninang met with us one afternoon and treated us to crepes for our snacks. I learned that crepes were originally from France so this is a French dessert then. hehe


Crepes from Crepes and Cream.

We miss the time we spent in Indonesia, especially the food. And we were glad to find Martabak Cafe at MOA. We had a spicy dinner there complete with sambal. waaaaa Lovet!

Indonesian meal

An Indonesian meal at the Martabak Cafe (MOA)

One late dinnertime, we joined my brother at Bon Chon at the Bonifacio High Street. He had dinner while we had dessert. We had these frozen Korean yogurt called the Bon Chon Ko-Yo.

Korean Yogurt

Korean Yogurt at Bon Chon

Capping one evening, we had milk tea at the Happy Lemon (a brand from Hong Kong) at Bonifacio High Street. Since we no longer had tables, we were not able to take photos of our drinks. Just my daughter posing by the bar.

Happy Lemon Milk Tea

Happy Lemon Milk Tea at Bonifacio High Street

Caught up late at the Star City, we had dinner there. We chose the American brand Kenny Rogers Roasters because I miss their corn muffins and I know that my daughter will like their chicken.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters (Star City)

That weekend, our friend Pepay treated us to lunch at the Kimono Ken (MOA). It was total sushi overload! Yummy! Hubby and I really love Japanese food.

sushi from Kimono Ken

We had sushi overload at Kimono Ken.

That evening, my uncle Nene treated us to a lovely international fare at the 9 Spoons Restaurant, Bayleaf, Intramuros. I love the place! And the food was good, too. :D This was my appetizer, roast pork rolls.

appetizer at 9 Spoons

Appetizer at 9 Spoons Restaurant (Bayleaf, Intramuros)

When we went back to Bacolod, I was craving for my favorite sisig. But we ate at Pepe’s because it was already late and I had baby back ribs. Not what I was looking for, but well, it was pork. hehe

baby back ribs

Baby back ribs from Pepe’s (Bacolod City).

So that pretty sums up our world tour on a plate in Manila. LOL

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A Wee Bit of Winter at the Snow World in Star City

Snow World

Photo opp like at the Snow World costs P100. You get an ink jet printed photo.

When we planned for our Manila trip, we had already put our intentions on going to the Snow World at Star City in Pasay City. We originally planned to go on a Thursday because we were already at the MOA but we learned that at this time of year, they are only open from Friday to Sunday.

So Friday it was.

Star City rates
Entrance fee – P60 per person including children
Snow World – P120 per person including children
Three rides – P220
Ride all you can – P350

We knew that Dindin was still scared to try the rides, which is the reason why we thought of foregoing them. We only paid for the Snow World entrance fee. And true enough, most of the rides required that the kid be at least four feet tall. Dindin is only about 38 inches tall. So that is still a long way for her.

Snow World outfit

Dress up your child warmly when going to the Snow World because it is very cold!

I dressed Dindin warmly in a T-shirt, thick leggings, and shoes with socks. She also had on a denim jacket. But I knew that it was going to be so cold in there so we bought that fleece-lined animal hat for P100. It was available at the stores at Star City. And it was just as well because even with the jacket that they provide, it was still very cold. We also bought her a pair of gloves that was sold at the entrance of Snow World for P50. She was snug and warm so she enjoyed her time there.

Snow World is not big. You can go around in about five minutes. When you go in, they will provide you with jackets that are already so worn that the buttons do not work. And they look greasy, I wonder when was the last time they were washed.

But in order to have more fun, you can go down an inclined plane on rubber boats. Dindin sat on her Papa’s lap and they went down a couple of times. She called it “sledding” because it does simulate sledding. Too bad though that they did not take pictures on this activity and we were not allowed to take pictures inside either. It would be another source of income for them.

Dindin, however, had fun blowing into the air because she was creating steam. I think that was the most fun for her.

I cannot really say that this is a great attraction but for what it is worth, go for it, for you cannot find something like that anywhere in the Philippines. That is why we made our stay worthwhile. We actually went inside twice because the entrance fee is for an unlimited time within the day. We just went around Star City after the first time and then came back again so that Dindin’s fun time in the ice cold room will be maximized. She had fun and that is what matters.

If you intend to try out Snow World, wear rubber shoes with socks. Though I was wearing jelly shoes, the fact that it had holes made it very cold for my feet. And if you are queasy about using their jackets, then you can bring your own. And bring bonnets, too, if you have.

Well, at least, we had a wee bit of winter here in the Philippines.

Snow World

After our second round at the Snow World.

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CAAP Breastfeeding Station and Toddlers Room at the Bacolod-Silay Airport

Toddlers Room

The Breastfeeding Station and Toddlers Nook at the Bacolod-Silay Airport is a great facility for those breastfeeding moms and those who are traveling with young children.

When we went to Cebu last May, I remembered seeing this toddlers room at the pre-departure area of the Bacolod-Silay Airport. My daughter Dindin and I went to check it but while we were on our way there, we were called to board and so we missed the opportunity of trying out what they have.

But in our Manila trip this morning, we finally got the chance.

You see, Dindin was so excited to see her uncle that she already wanted to board the plane. I told her to wait but after some time of bargaining, she blurted out, “But I am having a hard time waiting!” LOL

It was then I saw a glimpse of the toddler’s room at the far end of the pre-departure area and so I brought her there. I learned that this small area houses a breastfeeding station and toddlers nook. It is a special service by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) for parents traveling with young children and those breastfeeding mothers.


My daughter Dindin made good use of the toys at the toddlers room.

I totally love the idea! I love the fact that they have realized how hard it is to travel with babies and young children, especially the waiting part. Breastfeeding moms can have their own private place to stay while nursing their infants. Meanwhile, young children will love the toys and the books available.

And the best part is, this service is FREE! Yep, it is all part of the terminal fee. The station is manned by two nurses who are on duty by shifts. It is open from 7am up to 9pm.

The place is owned and operated by the CAAP but some of the books and toys were donated by SM’s Toy Kingdom–I was told.

Dindin totally enjoyed her stay here. Her impatience was diverted until it was time for us to leave. She happily said “thank you” and “goodbye” to the nurses there. I am so happy that the CAAP people are sensitive to this need of parents.

So the next time you fly with your kids through the Bacolod-Silay Airport, please know that you can use this facility for free.

making friends

Dindin made a new friend during her brief stay.